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Melissa Wexler Gurfein

Offers speech and language therapy to children. Therapy is patient-centered care in collaboration with family, primary care practitioners, teachers, and specialists.


Practice focuses on comprehensive evaluation diagnosis and treatment of:

  • articulation and speech delays and disorders

  • speech apraxia

  • receptive language delays and disorders

  • expressive language delays and disorders

  • reading and writing delays and disorders

  • executive functioning skills




Melissa is incredible at what she does. She helped my son with processing issues for two years and gave him tools that he still uses to this day. She made therapy fun and as a result he learned a lot and looked forward to the sessions. She is highly professional, reliable and honest. I appreciated the fact that she was a non-alarmist. She was confident that my son would go on to thrive academically and, in fact, he has. We are very grateful to have found her.

-- Denise M.

My son worked with Melissa when he was in preschool.  He had trouble saying certain sounds.  Melissa is knowledgeable, patient, energetic and engaging.  She makes therapy fun and my son was excited for his sessions with her.  He showed improvement with his speech quickly. 



Melissa’s knowledge and expertise in the treatment of speech & language pathologies is exceptional. She conducts thorough evaluations, works with families to develop goals, & produces meaningful results! Further, children have a fond affection for her ability to be engaging and are challenged to become the best version of themselves. As a colleague, she has been an excellent mentor and our efforts in collaboration has brought a deep connection to both our craft and community.

-- Jamie Holland, PT, DPT, CKTP

Like any first time Mom, I was unsure whether I should get my 2-year old son evaluated for speech. I came across Melissa's name on UES Mommas multiple times and decided to contact her, and I am so thankful I did. Besides being the nicest person, she came to my home and asked me questions before completely engaging my son which to me is so important (since she was unfamiliar to him). The way she goes about the evaluation is so unassuming and natural, it's play-based. She is an expert in developmental milestones and was able to alleviate a lot of my own concerns; she explained as my son was excelling in other areas he was treading water in others. After she sent me a full report and specific tasks to work on and which to stop which was extremely helpful. Melissa is one expert you want on your team!

-- Deborah M.


I can not recommend Melissa enough! I had some concerns about my son's pronunciation of certain sounds and Melissa was able to fully engage him via Zoom. They played different video and word games. He had a blast and had no idea he was in a session. Melissa is a true professional and her passion for working with kids is beyond evident.




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